Working with technology is not always the easiest and most enjoyable thing in life. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but what happens when it stops working? What happens when there are too many options and not enough answers? NerveSocket was created by the people who answer these questions, fix these problems, and sell the stuff that make your lives easier. By using this website, you can interact with others who share similar issues and interests. Users can use our public forum, to ask, and receive answers from not only the webmasters but also the general public.

What makes NerveSocket different from other technology help websites is that we are keeping basic. All of our content can be found directly on our forum database. Our staff has and currently work in the area of sales and technology repairs, however most of our answers come from personal experience. The best part about our website is, there are no fees for the general use.

NerveSocket Website Staff:

Mike Johnston

Position: Developer/Webmaster/Technology Expert/Support Ninja

Mike is our forum administer and technology expert. Having worked in PC repair shops and building personal computers, Mike knows the parts, the locations and the solutions to any hardware and software questions. Currently working at Tekside.io as a programmer and DevOps Specialist. You can find him on our Mastodon instance.