Software on Steam


I love Steam. I don’t think I would have started buying games if it didn’t exist. I love the community, the interface and how easy it is to use. Steam is my favorite! Now they have full blown started selling software.

It was rumored that they would start selling more than games and hats a long time ago, but now its finally happening! Though most of the software so far is either free, expensive or somewhat useless  it shows that there will be a good range of prices and include even very expensive production software. I am still curious where all this will go, what new products will launch, and how it will effect Microsoft Marketplace and Apple App Store.

With the Windows 8 Marketplace I don’t expect to see anything like Office in there any time soon, but this might be a good place for indie software developers to make their mark. Steam has, after all, helped so many indie game dev.’s get their games to a very large market. Speaking of indie, Humble Bundle has also started releasing more than just games and soundtracks – currently they are offering eBooks.

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