Quite some time ago I was invited to the beta of this Dropbox-like program. I wasn’t sure how they found my email and truthfully, wasn’t looking for a Dropbox alternative, i would check it out. It seemed more of my duty than anything. The idea seemed the same only there was no storage limit! The catch was that everything was P2P. Unlike where Dropbox or Google Drive keep your files in the cloud, AeroFS allows you to sync unlimited amounts of data using all your own resources. This means no public folder, no restoring old copies of files and no possible way to get the sync files should your computer crash. On the bright side, if you need to sync 150GB of files between two computers, you can!

Personally, I did not. As a result I uninstalled it without even sending out my two invite codes! To my amazement, a few weeks later a friend had asked if I knew of an alternative to Microsofts Live Mesh sync since it has now been replaced with SkyDrive. Their service used to offer the best of both worlds. Unlimited sync with the ability to store 5GB to the cloud. With this service kicking the bucket, and SkyDrive only offering cloud storage with no sync, he needed an alternative and AeroFS jumped immediately to mind.

I asked my friend to comment on his experience with the software. Out of ten: “11” was honest opinion. It handled the file sync very well and isn’t even out of beta yet! Installation is as fast and smooth as DropBox or G-Drive and is fairly light weight. Software updates happen seamlessly in the background (for beta updates at least. You are able to share sync folders with other AeroFS users just like Dropbox. Release update may require new download). P2P reduces file sync down time too! History of file activities are kept in a log. At the end of the day its a great tool for backup or sync of any size or volume.

If you’re interested in joining the beta, head on over to AeroFS.com

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25 thoughts on “AeroFS

  1. Hi there! Do you have a invite left? 🙂 I read so much about it and i would like to see for myself how the tool performs.
    Thank you!

  2. Looking for an invite as well if you have one left, or anyone you gave now has 🙂 raptorsss at Hotmail


  3. AeroFS has been kind enough to send me some more invites. I don’t have many but leave a comment here if you want one and I will try to send one to you.

    1. Hi, looking for an invite to AeroFS if you still have an extra (gary at friendfolks dot com). Have been using Cubby for months but am now almost at the end of my 14 day trial and only need the p2p. Thanks.

    2. I would love an AeroFS invite!!! If you have any left, I would be extremely grateful and very excited!!! Thank you!!! Mike Please send invite to mikesp2 at yahoo.com

  4. Hi Mike,
    I would be more than happy to get an invite for testing AeroFS if you have any left of course? 🙂 my mail is like my username here on google mail 🙂
    By the way, I have appreciated your article about the new BB10, as BB fun and 9930 Bold happy user I was asking myself if I should take a new one immediately, now I think I will do… 🙂

  5. Morning. I would greatly appreciate an AeroFS invite if you still have any to give away. Email included in the reply submission. Thanks.

  6. I am in the need to keep synchronised to MAC (iMAC and MBP) and AEROFS seems the best option so far. I asked many time for an invite but with no results. Anyone might invite me ( chimico01 @ yahoo. it )?

  7. I too am in need of an invite. Tried a few other software packages and non seem to be as good as AeroFS. I too have asked for an invite without a single reply from AeroFS. COuld you send me an invite too? PLEASE!

  8. Is there any invite left from any of the commenters in this article? If yes, I would appreciate getting one: ggeorgala at gmail.com. Thank you! (I promise to give at least one infvite back!)

  9. Likewise – I;d rally appreciate an invite if you have any left over..

    Have tried all the other sync software options out there…. this is my only hope


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