BlackBerry Z10

hero.png.originalOn February 5th I lined up out front of Rogers to get my new BlackBerry Z10 and have since been in love with this phone. I won’t be going too in depth about specs of features because I feel there have already been a lot of reviews of this kind posted. Instead my intention is to tell you what kind of person this phone will be for and where I think it will be in a few years. There are some good and some bad points I will touch on but I want to be as general as I can while touching on a few points everyone seems to ask about. Since I plan on talking about my personal experience with the device, I want to get this one bit of rumor out of the way. Yes, at the moment Skype is still unavailable but on Skypes website they claim they are actively working on it to make sure it is working as best as it possibly can.

Using this device does not at all feel like mid-grade specs. I have not once seen any lag or delay when trying to do things quickly. I don’t feel let down when playing games and find the screen size, brightness and sharpness, extremely satisfying. The app ecosystem is rich and sideloading Android ports is a painless process, though not every app is guaranteed to work. I have had a good experience with the Google Maps app side loaded. Phone calls sound great and connect quickly. The contacts are stored in a very different way, which is 80% automated but with some added effort can be phenomenal. Emails will come in almost right away, but works more like PlayBook email than BBOS email. For me, this has been a good thing but some are a little upset with this change, its something to look into if you are heavy in email. I have been impressed by the camera and find it takes great pictures, better than any phone I have owned, and the videos are crips, clear and sound great. Built in photo and video editing is impressive to say the least, but I was truly blown away with the ease of use and powerful tools included in the system.

Read the full article and find out what you need if you need to know and should expect when coming from other smartphones, and get my TLDR version of this.

Coming from an iPhone, prepare to poke around a bit. The experience will feel the same but you will need to get used to where things are kept and the gestures may take some messing around and experimentation (or just Google) to figure out. It’s a whole new way to use a phone, but at its core you shouldn’t expect much difference. You will find far less frustration with the keyboard and likely be able to get a fast typing speed. with impressive accuracy.

Coming from android, you will also likely be impressed with the keyboard. Application library isn’t all there from what you would expect, but the applications will be as rich, powerful and flexible as what you are used to, and then some! Gestures shouldn’t take long to get used to and will feel more natural than some of the glass buttons androids have.

Coming from BBOS, if you are a power user there will be some added features you will miss. Some things are still being discovered and some will likely be added later. If you are using a BlackBerry for business, take a good long read into the email, contacts and calendar sync of BB10 and make sure it is a good fit for you. In all honesty, it won’t work much differently than the default settings in BBOS and there will be little concern to the average user, but there are aspects you need to be aware of.

Apps are good, more are coming.
Performance is great.
Minor tweaks needed to the operating system should be in the next update.
Camera is great, if you think otherwise you should probably go buy a DSLR.
Everything on the phone feels really polished or is planned on being improved already.

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