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by Mike

Skype and SkyDrive Free Giveaway!

March 21, 2013 in Website News/Info

skypeWe are happy to announce our first giveaway! We have 3 keys for a month of Skype Premium with unlimited US and Canada calling, and 3GB or extra SkyDrive storage for life! Since we have 3 keys we have come up with 3 ways to enter and 3 chances to win!**

Any or all of the following to enter:

The more you do the better your odds become!

Submitting a comment is easy and though we don’t require you to register it is the better option, If you do not register please make sure you get your email address correct in the comment. You can also register to stay in the loop on other NerveSocket news and events.
Facebook comments and twitter mentions do not count, but are always read and appreciated! Be sure to like the facebook page itself. Liking a status post will not qualify. Due to facebook privacy settings I am only able to track the shares from the link above so make sure your share says “shared a link via NerveSocket” and not your friends profile.


We won’t remove any duplicate entries, so technically you have 5 chances to win if you comment, like, share, follow and retweet… That would be pretty passionate! If you have any questions you can always contact me directly. You can also sign up for our newsletter to keep in the loop – don’t worry, we really don’t email very much. Check out some of our past newsletters to get an idea.

**Winners will be chosen at random using computer software. Submissions are subject to dismissal without notice. Twitter and Facebook accounts must have been active prior to January 1st 2013 to qualify. Comment winner will be contacted via email. Email accounts determined to be fake or duplicated will not qualify. Dismissal is at our administrators discretion and is subject to appeal. Use the contact page if you feel your submission is irregular or falls under the above categories, but is however a valid entry. Contest closes Friday April 5th at 11:59pm and winners will be chosen shortly after. Sponsored by

by Mike

BlackBerry Z10

February 12, 2013 in Kwappy Weviews

hero.png.originalOn February 5th I lined up out front of Rogers to get my new BlackBerry Z10 and have since been in love with this phone. I won’t be going too in depth about specs of features because I feel there have already been a lot of reviews of this kind posted. Instead my intention is to tell you what kind of person this phone will be for and where I think it will be in a few years. There are some good and some bad points I will touch on but I want to be as general as I can while touching on a few points everyone seems to ask about. Since I plan on talking about my personal experience with the device, I want to get this one bit of rumor out of the way. Yes, at the moment Skype is still unavailable but on Skypes website they claim they are actively working on it to make sure it is working as best as it possibly can.

Using this device does not at all feel like mid-grade specs. I have not once seen any lag or delay when trying to do things quickly. I don’t feel let down when playing games and find the screen size, brightness and sharpness, extremely satisfying. The app ecosystem is rich and sideloading Android ports is a painless process, though not every app is guaranteed to work. I have had a good experience with the Google Maps app side loaded. Phone calls sound great and connect quickly. The contacts are stored in a very different way, which is 80% automated but with some added effort can be phenomenal. Emails will come in almost right away, but works more like PlayBook email than BBOS email. For me, this has been a good thing but some are a little upset with this change, its something to look into if you are heavy in email. I have been impressed by the camera and find it takes great pictures, better than any phone I have owned, and the videos are crips, clear and sound great. Built in photo and video editing is impressive to say the least, but I was truly blown away with the ease of use and powerful tools included in the system.

Read the full article and find out what you need if you need to know and should expect when coming from other smartphones, and get my TLDR version of this.
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by Mike

Out With the Old in With the New!

November 17, 2012 in Software

It has already been confirmed that Microsoft will be killing off MSN and finally embracing Skype. As of March 2013 they will be turning off the switch on the much beloved service,  but this isn’t really a big surprise. Over a year ago Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion and hasn’t really done much with it. Although Skype has still been working on things like their new Codec there hasn’t been an overwhelming presents of Microsoft – not that I’m complaining; I love Skype!

In 1999 we knew it best as Microsoft Network Messenger or MSN. Everyone I know and their mom used MSN. It was great, it was fun and there was extensive development to “hack” and tweak MSN. Countless viruses and fake links were also distributed this way, but it was great! You could play games with friends, chat and even do video or voice calls! I still think their implementation of sending voice clips was awesome! Reminds me of  the10-4 cell phones on Bell networks. As time wen’t on they changed the name to Windows Live Messenger, around the same time as Windows Vista came out. Everything was going “Live” and starting to move to the cloud. They also came out with the “Live Essentials” which was just a series of tools and programs commonly used – Live Mail, Messenger, Movie Maker (Finally updated!) and other stuff no one cared about. In 2009 they had released that they had 330 Million active users which represented more than double that of Skype and second only in popularity to Yahoo Messenger. The report also suggested that in the US there was a 48% drop in unique users and consequently the number of Skype grew.

When Microsoft released the previews for Windows 8 and Office 2013, there was a strong integration of Skype with Outlook and the whole OS. There is also now a preview of Skype available for Windows Phone 8. Last month Skype updated the desktop version to in the US and recently Skype updated everywhere else to which seems to bring integration with Outlook contacts. You can now sign in with your Microsoft or Facebook account.  You can IM your WLM friends with video calling coming in the near future. You can even merge your accounts to have an all in one experience! Version 6 also brought some bug fixes, and a slightly different look that has a similar feel to Windows 8

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