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by Mike

BBM Channels

November 27, 2013 in Software

IMG_00001147With BBM channels finally being out of beta, I see a lot of potential for us here. Once cross platform Channels is released I’d like to start reaching more people in IT and helping the community to grow. For those with a BlackBerry device, be sure to update your BBM and join our channel using the PIN or bar code in this post. For those on Android or Apple devices, hold tight because I’m sure its in the pipes!

Let me know what topics interest you or strike up a chat in the channel for even faster response!

by Mike

Cross Platform BBM

October 22, 2013 in Software

BlackBerry has finally put it its best application out for both iOS and Android! This time everyone can get it. Lets jump right in to it:

BBM for iPhone –
BBM for Android –

Don’t trust any other apps since there are many, many fakes out there. During the roll out the instructions are:

  • Download BBM – the easiest way is to visit from your Android or iPhone browser*
  • Once you install the app, open it, and enter your email address to hold your spot in line
  • We will email you as soon as you reach the front of the line and can start using BBM

It features the core elements of BBM but does not yet feature BBM Voice or Video. This launch has been a great success! I have not seen any service disruptions or issues chatting in groups with several device types. Great sign and makes me very happy!

by Mike

Apple Announcement Predictions

September 12, 2012 in Hardware

An Apple site search reveals the iPhone 5 with LTE, iTunes, iPod Nano, iPod Touch but what about the iPad mini? Only time will tell but the tech community is certainly buzzing. Find out more today at 1PM Eastern! Already thousands of people are queued up to watch live blogs, news feeds and tweets. The excitement is palpable!

by Mike

Portable Devices are Hot

September 11, 2012 in Hardware

Apple has the world talking about them this week with lots of buzz over the iPhone 5 and their new iOS. Pretty much every tech company and their mother has a tablet out now. A whole new generation of laptops are coming out and the most interesting marketing technique I’ve seen yet -they are now being branded as “ultrabooks”!

SO what does this mean exactly? Is there a difference or is this just another way of getting you to buy tech… I want to hear your opinion before I continue.
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by Mike

Upgrade Your Laptop! Later…

June 7, 2012 in Hardware, Software

Right now the selection for laptops is pretty good, and you can get a brand new one for a reasonable price! Seriously though, don’t buy a new laptop right now…

It seems right now there are a lot of great products in the pipeline, that have the potential to be revolutionary! It doesn’t even matter what kind of laptop user you are, both Mac and Windows fans have reasons to wait. Read the rest of this entry →

by Mike

OS-X Mountain Lion

February 20, 2012 in Software

It seems like Apple is taking another step towards unifying OS-X and iOS. With information coming out about Mountain Lion it seems Apple is moving towards an annual release cycle with Mountain Lion being scheduled for this summer. You may remember five years ago, Apple was borrowing developers from the OS X team to help meet deadlines for the iPhone, but with things moving this quickly, you can really see just how large and successful Apple has become. OS X will come with over 100 new features and HUGE iOS influence. Things are getting far more simplified!

iCloud will be a big part of this release and allow basically everything to be synced between devices so you can start something on one device and continue it on another. A few apps will get new names like iCal, iChat and Address Book – they will simply be Calendar, Messages and Contacts. Now OS X will also have a unified notification center just like iOS. AirPlay Mirroring will let you stream basically everything to your Apple TV. Gatekeeper provides a middle ground between standard apps and App Store apps, signed by a developer but not approved by Apple – not sure how I feel about that one yet…

No word on Siri but as the iPad 3 release date approaches I think we will soon get a good idea if they will be adding the voice assistant to every iDevice in the future. To me it seems like a logical next step. A developer preview is already out and should help developers and Apple get the bugs worked out to meet their summer deadline.

by Mike

iPad 3 Rumored for March

February 11, 2012 in Hardware

It seems to be that time of the year again where everyone is expecting a new iPad to be just around the corner. Rumors are floating around with the estimated released sometime in early March.

Sources say the company has chosen the first week in March to debut the successor to the iPad 2 and will do so at one of its trademark special events. The event will be held in San Francisco, presumably at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these. No word yet on a street date for the iPad 3 (assuming that’s what it’s called), though my guess is retail availability will follow roughly the same schedule as that of the iPad 2: available for purchase a week or so after the event.

The hardware rumors get even more interesting with words like “retina display” and “A6 chip” which would mean quad core processing and a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 at 9.7-inches; but who listens to the rumors anyway? Many believe it will also feature an HD front facing camera for HD face time.

Its hard to say weather the new iPad will have Siri, but looking at the possible hardware I think it would be a huge oversight not to include Siri. I think it will all boil down to weather the rumored 4G LTE network capabilities will in fact be included in the device. These details have been the subject of conflicting rumors. Either way I think the world will know soon enough when Apple goes to San Francisco!

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