After 4 months of waiting we are still only starting to see hard drive prices come back down to normal. Prior to the flood in Thailand, a 1TB internal hard drive could be bought for around 80 bucks and now we still see prices nearly doubled as 1TB and 2TB drives sit between $150.00 – $200.00 on average; nearly doubled the price in many cases.

When prices first went up I started to think that SSDs might be the way to go. It didn’t feel worth it to pay so much for a hard drive when you could get faster ones for less. The issue is the size, and now that prices have come down a little I’m on the fence on the issue. I think until SSDs get larger, or HDDs get cheaper there will be no clear winner in this way.

I personally didn’t think it would last nearly this long…

1 thought on “Hard Drive Prices

  1. It was interesting to see that most consumers I came into contact with had no idea that the prices ever went up. Maybe companies could get away with charging more for space.

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