PowerBear Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

I love long road trips and camping in the middle of nowhere. I use traffic apps on the way to work to find the quickest rout. Navigation is a huge part of my phones duties while in the car. Sadly some chargers can hardly keep up with charging my phone while running heavy power hungry apps like GPS navigation. I’ve always HATED charging my phone in the car. Not anymore with this handy addition.I’ve always thought if I wanted my phone charged quickly I would need a battery backup or find a wall outlet and actually plug in. Charging in the car was always a last resort. But with the PowerBear car charger and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 my phone rockets up to 100% no matter what I throw at it. Having two available charge ports also means any friend in the car can charge their device quickly too. Another great purpose could be for those who keep a tablet in the car with them. This workhorse will be able to quickly charge even the most power hungry devices.

One draw back is that this device does not seem to like Canadian winters. I believe it has a thermal sensor and it needs to be within safe operating temperatures before it will charge the phone. Some mornings this meant it didn’t kick in until half way to work. After it warms up a bit, I would also need to disconnect and reconnect it before true Quick Charge would kick in.

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