Anker A7908 Bluetooth Speaker

If you use services like Spotify or Google Music, or simply have a massive SD card in your phone, you likely keep a lot of music which is sometimes awkward to play when entertaining. Your phone speaker is awful and not everything that sounds good in your house or car may support bluetooth connections. Aux cables can be clumsy and besides, what year is it? Anker® A7908 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Super-Sized 4W Driver has been such a great addition to my travel bag.

Moving around the device there are only 3 buttons which serve as volume and play/pause. There is unfortunately no way to skip to a different song. I looked at many devices that supported this but the benefits of this outweighed that feature. An LED indicator which is for Bluetooth connection status and low battery indicator. Around the back is an on off hard switch, AUX in port and micro USB port for charging, as well as an additional LED indicator for charge status.

There are definitely a lot of thins done right with this device and I’ll start with my favourite.The battery in this speaker lasts forever! I’m not kidding when I say I never have to worry about it. Party at a friends place? Kids stuff. Weekend convention in the city? No sweat. Week long vacation in Mexico? Got you covered! A lot of the use is actually right in my shower. This thing will go weeks without needing to be charged even when being used on a daily basis.

Okay so it’s convenient, but how does it sound? LOUD! The clarity and range of this speaker beats out any laptop for sure. It’s a close match with most built in speakers you find in televisions. I’m happy to say I have never turned it up full blast and thought, I wish it went a bit louder!

Range is fantastic! I’ve never felt tied to it and can easily walk around the house without losing connection. You will begin to hear a bit of a stutter when you get close to the range limits. Outdoors this is almost difficult to achieve. Camping I never had any issues and would sometimes forget it was even tied to my phone. Full freedom!

For phone calls it does all right. I’m not at all a fan of speakerphone and find it just causes confusion in a conversation more than anything but in a small room I had no problem using this and the quality was great.

Very easy to pair with a friends phone or new devices. Switching between them can be a bit of a task as it doesn’t always know who it should be listening to if multiple devices connect to it at the same time. If in doubt just turn off Bluetooth of other devices in the area.

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