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by Mike

Upgrade Your Laptop! Later…

June 7, 2012 in Hardware, Software

Right now the selection for laptops is pretty good, and you can get a brand new one for a reasonable price! Seriously though, don’t buy a new laptop right now…

It seems right now there are a lot of great products in the pipeline, that have the potential to be revolutionary! It doesn’t even matter what kind of laptop user you are, both Mac and Windows fans have reasons to wait. Read the rest of this entry →

by Mike

Google Drive

April 24, 2012 in Software

I don’t mean that lame firefox plugin, nah bro this is 2012! I’m talking about THEE Google Drive. Not much to explain on this one, It’s all those files that are too big for emails, too hard to sync or collaborate and even that personal stuff you want to have access to everywhere. Google Drive is your one stop shop for cloud storage! Currently available for Mac, PC and Android devices. Nice to know they are doing something useful with those old Buzz and Wave servers they got kickin around!

Well at least it seems like it. They seem to be in the testing stages still. That oh so memorable and exciting time where they test server loads and everyone waits around hoping and praying to gain access to Googles new fidget toy. Anyone wanna send me an invite? ūüėČ

Don’t believe me? Check it out!

[ Google Drive ]

by Mike

G+ Gets a Face Lift

April 11, 2012 in News, Software

There’s no doubt Google has been trying very hard to get¬†themselves¬†noticed in the social networking world, but I think a lot of people couldn’t help but think they missed the mark. Last week they¬†unveiled¬†Google Play¬†and now they have given Google+ a great new look. Personally I think the home page could use some work since on my monitor it just doesn’t seem to make good use of the screen real estate. I think where this update shines is the profile. A¬†truly¬†good social networking platform needs a good profile page, and I think they did a really good job with this. A very familiar layout to any facebook user with flexibility to add a single cover photo or several photos.

From the video it looks like a Youtube layout change might also be rolling out soon. This may be the start to several design changes Google will be launching through the rest of the month! Keep an eye out for more to come.

[ Google+ ]

by Mike

Dropbox is Now Even Better

April 4, 2012 in Software


A Gift from Dropbox

I always like to recommend Dropbox to people who need file sharing solutions, sync solutions, cloud storage solutions and many other applications. Today I hopped on to see a nice gift from them!

Dropbox used to give you 2GB free, and an additional 250Mb for every new user you referred to their website. So if you got your friends to make accounts, you got more storage! Now, not only are they offering 500Mb for every referral, but they are making the changes retroactive for all users and crediting their accounts.

You can invite up to 32 people to Dropbox for an maximum additional 16Gb of free storage; total of 18Gb! They also offer paid solutions for upwards of 50Gb and team solutions of 100Gb.

Great service! Thanks for the storage guys.

[ Create a Free Account ]


by Mike

Instagram now on Android

April 3, 2012 in Software

Now on Android!The once iPhone only app is now available on Android and fans are going nuts! Well, at least the majority who are heavy social media users. Instagram is a free app that includes 18 filters to make stylized photos. These photos can be shared then on various social networking platforms. The app itself is somewhat different from the iPhone version still. A feature that lets you change the tilt-shift and vignetting is not included but expected to be seen soon in an update. This version also may not work on all Android phones, or tablets. The most important thing is seeing it actually ported over and this project in progress! Way to go guys! Android fans rejoice! Pick up the free app today at the link below.

[ Google Play ]

by Mike

OS-X Mountain Lion

February 20, 2012 in Software

It seems like Apple is taking another step towards unifying OS-X and iOS. With information coming out about Mountain Lion it seems Apple is moving towards an annual release cycle with Mountain Lion being scheduled for this summer. You may remember five years ago, Apple was borrowing developers from the OS X team to help meet deadlines for the iPhone, but with things moving this quickly, you can really see just how large and successful Apple has become. OS X will come with over 100 new features and HUGE iOS influence. Things are getting far more simplified!

iCloud will be a big part of this release and allow basically everything to be synced between devices so you can start something on one device and continue it on another. A few apps will get new names like iCal, iChat and Address Book – they will simply be Calendar, Messages and Contacts. Now OS X will also have a unified notification center just like iOS. AirPlay Mirroring will let you stream basically everything to your Apple TV.¬†Gatekeeper provides a middle ground between standard apps and App Store apps, signed by a developer but not approved by Apple – not sure how I feel about that one yet…

No word on Siri but as the iPad 3 release date approaches I think we will soon get a good idea if they will be adding the voice assistant to every iDevice in the future. To me it seems like a logical next step. A developer preview is already out and should help developers and Apple get the bugs worked out to meet their summer deadline.

by Mike

PlayBook OS 2.0 Coming Soon!

February 17, 2012 in News, Software

Finally a solid date has come out of the woodwork. It seems PlayBook OS 2.0 will be dropping on February 21st and featuring native email, calendar and contacts. The new OS will bring a TON of other great features too such as being able to run Android apps!

I think what I’m looking forward to the most is Open On, updated Video Chat, and Android market!

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