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In the past few months some exciting things have come out of Google and BlackBerry! We hope you have had a chance to read them but if not Click Here to check out what we have been talking about!

We have added a new Stocks and Investments group. Everyone wants to make money. Here you can talk about accomplishments or swap tips and tricks. Win or lose, gain or loss, investments or profit; you can find it all in this new group.

You might notice above that yes, we now have social media outlets! Mention us next time you're frustrated with your computer ;)

Here is our most recent post:

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

RIM might actually be coming around with this one! We have posted some videos on some of the coolest features about this phone. If you have left BlackBerry because you were disappointed, or thought about joining them, you definitely need to check out this article.

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Google Drive

I don't mean that lame firefox plugin, nah bro this is 2012! I'm talking about THEE Google Drive. Not much to explain on this one, It's all those files that are too big for emails, too hard to sync or collaborate and even that personal stuff you want to have access to everywhere. Google Drive is your one stop shop ...

Read online (Yes, I personally like Dropbox better so you might prefer that article)

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