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It's been an eventful month! We survived a Godaddy DDoS attack from @AnonymousOwn3r (a few times) and of course the iPhone 5 came out! Which, maybe wasn't all that exciting for you...

Since the new "ultrabooks" hit the market I asked the question Do You Think There is A Difference? I would love to see some results in the poll and let me know what you think.

Steam Big Picture came out and though I didn't blog about it I do really like where they are going with it. It will be interesting to see how they use it if - as its been rumored, they start offering content other than games in their store.

I've started a new series I like to call Kwappy Weviews. It features products I like and don't like. All reviews will be done on technology I have used directly. Feel free to give me a suggestion.

Anyone that knows me knows I get very excited when BlackBerry starts getting things right, especially when such a staple mobile phone industry is going down. I'm a big fan, but even if you're not I have some progress on BlackBerry 10 development posted.

Leap Motion

I have to admit this is by far the best human interface device I have ever seen - somewhat like XBox Kinect. I posted a video and would rather let it speak for itself but I will say that this is real, and the video footage is not simulated in anyway. This is the real deal!

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New Skype!

It has already been confirmed that Microsoft will be killing off MSN and finally embracing Skype. As of March 2013 they will be turning off the switch on the much beloved service,  but this isn't really a big surprise. Over a year ago Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion and haven’t really done much with it.

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