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First of all I would like to thank you for checking out my Minecraft server! It's great to have you online with us. Thanks to you  we have had 51 users check out the server. Sadly a little over half have actually stuck around. Though I don't often play myself I do regularly check on things and try to give you the best experience possible. Your feedback is always appreciated so be sure to send me your thoughts. Best way to reach me is the Contact page or the Facebook link at the top of this email.

This month we had a bit of down time due to some power issues and a massive DDOS attack to Godaddy. Though the server itself never crashed and nothing was lost, some of you might have had issues connecting at that time. We have also started the construction of a mall is near spawn and is nearly complete. If you're rich and you need to buy items for a large build be sure to check that out.

Starting now, I will be looking for players that have accomplished something significant or done something impressive on my server. One person a month will be interviewed and receive a dedicated section of this email blast. Who knows, next month it could be you! So without further adieu...


You have likely seen this player online. He has racked up over 4 full days of online play time in our server on average spending 25 minutes playing. In that time he has gained over 20,000 EXP and killed more than 1700 mobs. Since he has mined just over 75,000 blocks and fapped just over 15,000 that means he fapps about once for every 5 blocks he mines. Incredible! Fapping in this case is when you punch the air or swing your arm without hitting anything... Not the internets definition. For a full exact list of this and many other of his stats, click his username or player skin above. Now for some words from the man himself:

"So let’s start with a bit of personal stuff. My name is Jacob I live in Ontario, Canada and I am 20 years of age. I mostly game during the mornings and afternoons. I’ve done mini and some major builds in minecraft single and multi-player. I’ve been playing minecraft for just under 2 years. I started on this server when a friend told me about it, and loved it ever since. "

"Some of the mods I have played/tested have been Pokemobs, Mo' Creatures, Shade Mod, and the Creature Mod. I highly recommend Pokemobs and Mo'Creatures. If you have a decent computer then try the Shade Mod. I use the texture pack default upgrade 1.3.2. It adds better textiles to the default texture of minecraft with better windows. "

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"I have a Secret project I’m doing for the server, which will be presented when it is done. Some creations I’ve done are nothing like this. This has taken well over 2 days to gather and build up to the point is at now."

"I've got a lot of colab jobs I have done, some of which have been shown in this newsletter. I would like to Thank Sekulaid for showing me this wonderful server ThaMunsta for being the best host in the world and to everyone who helped me with builds and upcoming builds."

Thanks Jake!

That's it for this month. Stay tuned here and on our facebook page for updates, news and more! I've got some links below with some some of my other stuff. Remember, minecraft is always more fun with friends, so don't be shy. We always welcome new users. Send your friends to the registration page! Next month might be your turn to shine, so make sure they sign up for the newsletter too!

Thank you again for being part of this, and I hope to see you online!


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